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Published: 25th July 2017

I see many recommendations for stock investors to buy into the Japanese market. But, one major problem is how to identify Japanese stocks to buy.

So, what we should do is leverage the expertise of others such as the people behind: JPX-Nikkei400 / JPX-Nikkei Mid Small which in their own words: "will be composed of companies with high appeal for investors, which meet requirements of global investment standards, such as efficient use of capital and investor-focused management perspectives. The new index will promote the appeal of Japanese corporations domestically and abroad, while encouraging continued improvement of corporate value, thereby aiming to revitalize the Japanese stock market."

This index seems to have done the heavy lifting in stock selection for us already, but they selected 400 stocks, some of which are expensive to buy  or suspiciously cheap. So what I did was to write code (I am a programmer) to filter these stocks and grab the data about them from the web to produce a manageable list of affordable stocks that we could potentially invest in.

By affordable, I mean that the minimum purchase value is less than 250,000 yen (Japanese companies often have a minimum quantity of shares that you must purchase such as 100 or 1000) and also the minimum investment amount is over 50,000 yen (so that the company is doing ok and doesn't look unusually cheap).

Now my filtered list of affordable, good Japanese stocks is down to 155 companies which is more manageable.

For you to get hold of this valuable data and updates, I am thinking to package it as a bonus for subscribers to my email newsletter. I hope that you appreciate that it took me significant effort to create this filtered list of investment target company data and that you will be eager to subscribe for free once I set up the email subscriber form.

Have a great day, and as always, happy trading!