Command to write ISO to USB stick

Using wget we may directly download and write a Linux ISO file to a USB stick that will be bootable.

Here is the command to use:

wget -O /dev/sde

But first, confirm which device is your connected USB stick with: lsblk. It is likely the last one listed such as sde with a matching SIZE property.

Command to write an ISO file to a USB stick

We may use the dd command to copy an ISO file to a USB stick. First, identify the USB device as described above. Then specify the input and output files and type the command as follows:

dd bs=1M if=path-to-image-file.iso of=/dev/sdx


  • bs is the block size which is what size chunks of data we decide to write at a time.
  • if is the input file
  • of is the output file path to the USB drive

This command takes a while to run, so give it time to transfer the data. If you want to see the progress add: status=progress.